Fresh from his Ireland Music Week performance last week, DYVR has placed his new EP ‘Part Two on Bandcamp to raise money for two LGBTQ+ organisations – Outhouse (Ireland) and Stonewall (UK). 

DYVR says: “Part Two was due to arrive on all streaming platforms today but we messed up slightly so it won’t land until Friday. So instead of beating ourselves up for ‘failing’ we decided to use this as an opportunity to give you access to the new record while also raising money for two LGBTQ+IA charities that we love – Stonewall UK and Outhouse Ireland, two charities doing vital work in the queer community.

“Outhouse provides a vital safe space for people in the queer community. Not only do they provide support and facilities in their own space, they also aid the growth of services in the wider community. I’m in love with the work they are doing.

“StonewallUK is such an important organisation as not only do they provide hands-on support within the queer community, they also use their platform to support to smaller LGBTQ+IA charities in their work. Queer people anywhere are responsible for queer people everywhere, and there isn’t another charity that speaks to that truth more so than Stonewall.”

The Belfast-based artist – real name Adam Cleaver – address issues around identity within the queer community and the difficulties that negative perceptions from outside the community can have on a person’s ability to gain a true understanding of who they are. Listen to ‘Part Two’ below ahead of its full digital release on Friday