A meeting of Dublin City Council’s arts, culture, recreation and community strategic policy will vote to get the ball rolling on a series of new by-laws to govern buskers tonight.

This is the result of a recent public consultation which received 88 submissions, primarily concerned with noise pollution.

In accordance with the new by-laws an annual permit will cost buskers €30, or €60 for amplified performers and there is a recommendation for an 80 decibel limit.

A curfew of 11pm would be imposed in the city center with the exception of the Grafton Street area where acts would be permitted to perform until 1am.

Further recommendations include a 50 metre boundary between acts and a 2-hour limit for performances. Buskers will also no longer be allowed to reserve locations.

Failure to obey the new rules could result in a fine of €1500.

If passed, the by-laws will be voted on by the Council in February for review following a trial period of six months.