Irish electronic pop duo Kyoto Love Hotel have shared a video for their upcoming single ‘Machine’ (out 7 August). ‘Machine’ is the second track from their upcoming EP ‘Grow’ which is set to arrive later in November.

Joe Geaney and Laura Sheary grew up in the same town in Tipperary but nowadays they share music and ideas with one another from their respective homes in Cork and Belfast.

The stunning video that accompanies ‘Machine’ was made by Donegal filmmaker Shaun Doogan and features actor Aoife McCann in an in-utero like state as the subdued electronic motifs slowly build over the course of the track.

Speaking about the track, Laura says; “the repeated line ‘there’s water in my ears now’ is very literal. My ears were blocked for weeks after swimming in the sea and I felt really detached for that period of time – as though I was floating above my own body, watching it in action in this strange way. Parts of the song explore what it means to have a body, a mind, and the anxiety that can sometimes take hold when the two don’t connect. More often than not, it’s the sea that washes this anxiety away and reminds you of the beauty that exists in the unknowable”.