Donegal alt-rockers Sheerbuzz are back with the first of two new tracks since the release of their debut EP ‘All Our Time And Money’ (the proceeds from which funded the new songs) last March. Who You Are will be released at the beginning of May, but in the meantime we’re delighted to get our hands on Darkside. Have a listen below, but first, over to Sheerbuzz to fill you in…

“Since the last EP we’ve been writing and thinking about how to improve our next releases. The main points we picked out were to have more of a depth in the mix and less predictable structures. We wanted to make the songs more efficient so every part has a function that doesn’t overstay its welcome.”

“Darkside is a song about losing connections with people you used to be very close with – that connection being lost through different choices that put that person in a situation they aren’t happy with but aren’t sure how to recover from. That feeling of disconnection you want to rectify by any means necessary.”

“In terms of the tracks themselves we wanted to experiment with different sounds and techniques, one of the newer features being the synths. We really like how bands like The Fixx and The Psychedelic Furs used them in their tracks, we did want to hold back a bit in terms of how much new stuff we added though. We recorded the tracks in Valley Music Studio with Terry McGinty. Terry is a big legend and he really knows his stuff. He makes a brilliant cup of tea as well.”

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