Fresh from the success of her momentous Late Late appearance Denise Chaila has shared a video for the first track that brought hr to most people’s attention ‘Duel Citizenship’.

‘Duel Citizenship’ is a powerful piece about immigration and the feeling of being othered in both your current and ancestral homelands. In many ways it is the natural successor to the traditional Irish coffin-ship songs which tell of people being displaced from their land and struggling to survive the journey to reach America – ‘Duel Citizenship’ is the continuation of that story only in reverse.

It is refreshing to see an Irish act direct the public’s attention to their previously released material while they hold the nations gaze – and we are glad that Chaila has chosen to do so because the message behind ‘Duel Citizenship’ is simply too important to ignore the first or second time around.

As the artists says: “We are the same stem with different leaves, the same heart with different dreams, the same love with different means. The same journey, just with different wings.”