Denise Chaila is set to release a surprise new 5-track EP ‘It’s A Mixtape’ featuring 061 which premiered on MTV earlier this year and an expanded 7-minute version of recent single Energy, this Friday.  The mini follow-up to Denise Chaila’s Choice Music Prize winning debut ‘Move’ should tide fans happy until her appearance in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre next February.

“This EP, for me, was about pursuing both play and purpose. I was thinking about what it means to relax, to be free, to do what makes me laugh, to do what makes me cry, to fly in the face of convention and just…do what I want. It ended up being a tapestry of anger, despair, hope, cynicism, defiance, braggadocious faith and quiet pain. It was about taking an opportunity to make sure that I could still ‘fingerpaint’ and allow myself to grow.”

‘It’s A Mixtape’ tracklist

1.     061

2.     Might Be

3.     I a M (interlude)

4.     Energy (feat. MuRli)

5.     Return of The King

Denise Chaila at 3Olympia Theatre, on Friday 25th February 2022. Tickets available here