Def Nettle the musical vehicle of Dubliner Glen Brady have share a goth tinged new single ”Invisible’ which is reminiscent of The Sisters of Mery and The Eagles of Death Metal. The ex-DARK musician has utilised AI technology to create the accompanying video for the track.

“I felt that the contemporaneous nature of AI was an appropriate concept to include against the backdrop of ‘Invisibility’ as certain artistic disciplines begin to be taken over by AI technology. The concept of the video creator as invisible, like an AI character, is melded with AI animations of eyes, nettles, broken glass, storms and other themes that come up in the lyrics of the video. In a sense, the video images are a collaboration between artificial intelligence and me as the artist.” 

‘Invisible’ is the 4th single from Def Nettle and follows on the footsteps of recent appearances on Oblivion Sessions, Fanning at Whelan’s and 2022’s War MAchine which featured legendary bassist Andy Rourke of The Smiths.