Decode Magazine DublinThe folks over at De\Code Magazine have launched Issue Four of Ireland’s newest arts and culture mag online through Issuu.

On the musical side, the July Issue features an in-depth interview with rising Irish indie star Laura Sheeran, as well as four pages of Irish and international album reviews.

Elsewhere, De\Code’s catch-all take on culture includes a look at Devious Theatre’s ‘Night Of The Living Dead’, set to get underway shortly in Kilkenny, as well as a trip to the notorious Buckfast Abbey and a holiday north of the border, an exploration of Ireland’s cheese culture, a critical stab at Fifty Shades Of Grey and

De\Code is produced owned and run by Goldenplec contributors James Hendicott and Steve O’Rourke, and designed by the talented Ken McGuire at Event Media.

De\Code and Goldenplec are currently exploring possibilities for collaboration on our Irish music coverage. You can find all four of their previous issues through the De\Code section of James Hendicott’s website, here.