Having sold out The Button Factory in April of this year, Dayglow aka indie-pop innovator Sloan Struble is et to return to Dublin next March for his biggest Irish show to date in Vicar Street in support of his forthcoming album ‘People in Motion’ (out October 7th on AWAL),featuring new single ‘Second Nature’.

“Second Nature is one of the most ambitious songs I’ve made so far. I didn’t think it would be a ‘Dayglow’ song until the rest of People in Motion started to take shape. I made so many versions of it— I just kept writing more and more melodies and ideas. The logic file ended up being like this 15 minute jam that I eventually condensed to be the 6 min song it is. I was really inspired by songs like Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’, Michael Jackson’s ‘Wanna Be Starting Somethin’, and of course Daft Punk,” states Struble.

“I just love songs that have repeatable chord progressions that never seem to even reach their potential— they just keep going on and on. Lyrically and musically I wanted to create a song that felt like that. A song that just celebrates itself and the joy of dancing and making music. It doesn’t even feel like ‘Second Nature’— it feels completely innate and natural to make music to me. I love it more than anything and it feels like what I was made to do, and ‘Second Nature’ just grasps that idea and runs with it confidently.”

People In Motion Tracklist

  1. Second Nature
  2. Radio
  3. Then It All Goes Away
  4. Deep End
  5. Stops Making Sense
  6. How Do You Know?
  7. Someone Else
  8. Like She Does
  9. Turn Around
  10. Talking To Light

Dayglow at Vicar Street, 6th March 2023. Tickets from €21.00 go on sale 30th September at 10am  From www.singularartists.ie

We caught with Dayglow the last time he was in Dublin. Find out what he had to say for himself y clicking on the image below.