Northern Irish music legend David Holmes has announced details of his first solo album since 2008’s ‘The Holy Pictures’. ‘Blind On A Galloping Horse’ (out 10th November 2023 on Heavenly Records) features updated versions of the previously released singles ‘Hope Is The Last Thing To Die’ and ‘It’s Over If We Run Out Of Love’ and ‘I Laugh Myself To Sleep’ a recording of an unreleased song by Holmes’ late friend Andrew Weatherall.

News of the 14-track release is accompanied by new single ‘Necessary Genius’ featuring vocals from frequent collaborator Raven Violet, a comprehensive roll call of ‘dreamers, misfits, radicals, outcasts’ including the late great Sinead O’Connor who graces the single’s cover.

1. When People Are Occupied Resistance Is Justified
2. It’s Over If We Run Out Of Love
3. Emotionally Clear
4. Hope Is The Last Thing To Die
5. You Will Know Me By The Smell Of Onions
6. Necessary Genius
7. Yeah Yeah Yeah
8. I Laugh Myself To Sleep
9. Too Muchroom
10. Agitprop
11. Stop Apologising
12. Tyranny Of The Talentless
13. Love In The Upside Down
14. Blind On A Galloping Horse

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