The Cribs at Whelan’s, Monday 18th

These brilliant garage punks have been making their unashamedly lo-fi guitar rock for over ten years now, and their recent album, ‘For All My Sisters’ is just as good as any of the others. The band’s unique sound has seen them teeter on the edge of mainstream appeal with their quirky tunes, but The Cribs refuse to sell out, which is why we can still see such an esteemed act in a venue such as Whelan’s. Get on down for what will be a riotous show.

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Viet Cong at The Workman’s, Wednesday 13th

The name might be raising eye-brows, but the one area where Viet Cong haven’t put a foot wrong is the music. With one of the year’s best albums to their name, Viet Cong’s challenging post-punk is among the most interesting and experimental sounds out there right now, and is the reason why the band’s controversial name is failing to drown out the hype surrounding the group’s music.

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Brandon Flowers at The Olympia, Tuesday 19th

The Killers heart-throb has established a significant career away from the hugely successful indie band. With a new album set to land the day before this show, Brandon Flowers fans face a hectic night of cramming before this gig, but with the quality ‘Flamingo’ and (of course) the extensive Killers discography to beef up his set, Flowers should have more than enough to deliver a great show.

The Eskies at Whelan’s, Saturday 16th

One of our Plec Picks, The Eskies, celebrate the release of their debut album ‘After The Sherry Went Round’ with what we expect to be a truly rollicking show this Saturday. The band’s unique sound has earned the group many admirers, and the band’s wonderfully eclectic sound will see them appearing in various festivals over the summer, but now is a good time as any to see a band who’s star is only beginning to rise.

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