Wicklow’s finest Cosha is set to return with her first project since her critically acclaimed 2021 debut album ‘Mt. Pleasant’, The multi-faceted singer-songwriter and producer’s new EP ‘Murmurs’ which lands on 9th May features ‘Sun Back’ and ‘Want You Back’ and new single ‘Fire Me Up’ – a swooning ode to the intricacies of romance, the beauty of knowing great love and the hurt in letting it go.

Cosha explains, “I made that beat on the plane when I was leaving from London to LA, it made it even harder because it was really about that like, ‘I still love you, I still want you in my life but we do need to do this and we’re both quietly in the distance for each other. You’re never not going to be someone I care about.’”

Adding: “I remember I was trying to sing the vocals and it was obviously really raw and I couldn’t sing it, I kept choking up and crying… and that’s actually the take on the song, me trying to hold it in and sing through it.”