Confidence Man have upgraded their first-ever headline show in Ireland, following superb shows at Beatyard and Body & Soul festivals in the last two years. The Australian group are noted for their spectacular, high-energy shows and we are surprised it’s taken an Irish promoter so long to book them for a proper Irish show.

We caught up with Confidence Man back in 2018 to talk baby Guinness, Roscommon and dirty dancing – read the interview here.

The tour announcement coincides with the band’s first single in over a year, Does It Make You Feel Good. The video for the song takes inspiration from the band’s cult-like following at shows, including elements of hypnotisms, alters, rituals and levitation in the video, which was shot in Berlin, as band member Janet Planet recalls: “This is real-life footage of our night out in Berlin a few weeks ago. Didn’t get into Berghain but we found a cool group of people to worship us anyway. Look we can fly, so suck on that God.”

Tickets for Confidence Man at Vicar Street April 25th 2020 priced €16.00 on sale now from