Co-Orch has proudly partnered with the Immigrant Council of Ireland to present “Orchestrating Equality”, a concert with full orchestra to raise much-needed funds for work on integration. The concert takes place at 8pm, Thursday 12th November in the Complex, Little Mary St (off Capel St).

“Orchestrating Equality” is themed around integration, with an eclectic mix of composers including Mozart, Stravinsky and a new commission from Irish composer Éna Brennan, and the audience can look forward to mixing with the players in this unusual venue. The Immigrant Council’s work on integration includes family reunification for refugees, working with migrant young people, political participation and immigration reform.

Co-Orch is a collective of musicians who came together for the first time in 2011 to play the highest standard of (classical) music in alternative settings while raising money for worthy causes. To date the orchestra has raised over €60,000 for charities including Focus Ireland, the Red Door School and Nepal Earthquake Fund. One of the key objectives of Co-Orch is to distance itself from the traditional view of Classical music through its relaxed and fun-loving nature.