Fresh from wowing crowds of thirsty festival goers at Primavera this month, CMAT daydreams about the sexual tension on the set of The Last Picture Show in the video for ‘Peter Bogdonovich’ the latest single to be drawn from CMAT’s number one debut album ‘If My Wife New I’d Be Dead’.

CMAT stars as the Academy-Award-winning director who famously had an affair with his leading lady during filming of the 1971 classic. “I wrote the song Peter Bogdanovich after listening to a podcast about the making of the film The Last Picture Show. To cut a long story short, Peter ran away and left his wife for yungwan (the lead actress in the film, Cybill Shepherd). I was taken by this particular story because I love his early films, and I loved finding out that his wife, Polly Platt, was the player who was actually responsible for what I love most about his films.

I was really interested in everyone’s motivations – Peter for acting so selfishly, Cybill for throwing a bomb on a marriage and her work, and most of all Polly, for staying to work on the film even after the affair came out. I think it is a great allegory for the role that the construct of gender plays in all of our decisions, and how if gender and sexuality wasn’t really seen as such a rigid ‘thing’, our lives would be very different.”

You can catch CMAT live this weekend at Body & Soul ahead of appearances at All Together Now and Electric Picnic this summer. CMAT will also support Beck in Trinity College on July 3rd.