Fresh from standout performances at Primavera and Body & Soul, CMAT has previewed the deluxe edition of her debut album ‘If My Wife New I’d Be Dead’ which is set for release this Friday with Communion (Country version). The deluxe edition features four new versions of tracks that CMAT thought “people wanted to hear in a different light, or that could do with a second chance, my lesser-loved babies

The new versions of Geography Teacher (Rock ’n’ Roll version); No More Virgos (Country version); Communion (Country version) and I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby! (Acoustic version) were recorded in one day in RAK Studios in London, with album producer Oli Deakin at the controls.

Listen to Communion (Country version) below. “This version of Communion is very important to me, as i feel like that song has been maybe the least successful/beloved on the album and i really wanted to give it a second chance. When I wrote Communion, I was listening to copious, dangerous amounts of Lucinda Williams, and that’s what the original demo of the song sounded like. I really wanted to get back to that reference of 90’s Americana to see if the song works better once you pull all of the crap out of it, and i kind of think it does! A big ‘Oops’ is in order on that one i suppose? xx”