Citrus Fresh – Live from Dry Lane Studios is set to release at midnight, November 25th.

With debut album ‘Operating System’ out December 10th, this newest instalment from Limerick rapper Citrus Fresh is the release of a live version of tracks 2 and 3 (Sodacake and 304) from the album, which will hit online stores for presale on December 1st.

This live performance of the two tracks shows the wide range of genres influencing the upcoming album. For the live recording, Danny Lanham, multi-instrumentalist and executive producer on ‘Operating System’, formed a trio with album contributors Cein Daly (bass) and Ben Wanders (drums).

Live instruments are the body of Citrus Fresh’s newest album and this latest video demonstrates the versatility of Citrus Fresh’s performing abilities. Commonly known for jumping around and wrestling label mate Hazey Haze on stage, this live recording shows how Citrus Fresh, like other artists, has had to adapt his style amid the recent pandemic, with the loss of the sweaty packed rooms to which he had become accustomed to playing.

Here’s a taster of the release in advance of tomorrow night…