Castlepalooza 2012Timetable time for Castlepalooza Festival 2012. We have new sponsors Deezer providing your Friday entertainment as the festival warms itself up, oh and go catch Scroobius Pip, brilliant live.

Kicking up full scale on Saturday with the likes of Jape, Le Galaxie, Donal Dineen, Little Green Cars, SertOne, Cloud Castle Lake and Big Dish Go.

More great stuff from Castlepalooza 2012 on Sunday with Hal, Ghostpoet, Toby Kaar and a range more. God help those poor acts starting at 11am, that’s a tough slot to play.

Castlepalooza 2012 stage times

Main StageDeezer StageCourtyard Stage


00:15Big Dish Go
23:00Scroobius Pip
22:15Cars Love Girls
21:30Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
20:45Lights Camera Sundown
20:00Mrs Healys First Class Choir
19:15In The Willows
18:30Overhead The Albatross
17:45Hush War Cry
17:00The Altered Hours
Main StageDeezer StageCourtyard Stage


23:45Donal Dineen’s Parish02:45Big Dish Go02:00Bentley Riddims
22:25Jape01:30Plaid w/ AV Show00:30Tessela
21:20This Club00:30Le Galaxie23:30Illum Sphere
20:20Little Green Cars23:45REID22:30SertOne
19:30John Blek & The Rats22:45Cloud Castle Lake21:30Monto
18:40Little Xs For Eyes22:00White Collar Boy20:30Melodica Deathship
17:55Kenny Bogan21:15Bouts19:00G Frequency
17:10Grand Pocket Orchestra20:30Trumpets Of Jericho17:30Dylan Higgins
16:25North Strand Kontra Band19:45The Violet Roadkills16:30DJ Bogie
15:40Owensie19:00Tempermental MissEalayneous15:00Eoin Hennessy
14:55The Statics18:25Back & To The Left14:00Jamal Sul
14:10The Viking Project17:50Adela and the Meanits13:00Dave Lawler
13:25Cat Dowling17:15Callan Qualter
12:40Shadowplay16:40The Buachaills
11:55Cry Monster Cry16:05Rob Steenson
11:10Roisin O15:30Take The Money And Run
14:55The Dead Zoo
14:20Best Boy Grip
13:45Liz Seever
12:35KB Violet & Letter to the Echo
12:00Alan Tully
Main StageDeezer StageCourtyard Stage


00:30The Charlatans02:30Tu-Ki01:00Frankie Grimes
23:10Hal01:15Arman Giorgio00:00Toby Kaar
21:50Ghostpoet00:00Baz Hickey23:00Automatic Tasty
20:45King Charles22:00Double Agent 722:00Diamond Dagger
19:45Kammerpop21:00Solar Bears20:30Donal Dineen
18:50The Casanova Wave20:00Mmoths18:30Lil Dave
17:50J Roots19:00Jon Phonics16:30Two Charming Men
16:45Céilí18:00Patrick Kelleher15:00Liam Maher
16:00The Ambience Affair17:15Katie Kim13:00Mango Drive Reggae
14:30Super Turbo Ninja Club15:45Last Day Of 1984
13:45Garr Yeahman15:00Nanu Nanu
13:00Benny Smiles14:15Young Wonder
12:15Slow Skies13:30Deaf Joe
11:30Joe Lees Comp winner12:45Ocho
10:00DJ Maria V12:00Tara Stewart