Harpist Brídín has released her latest single Floating ahead of her upcoming EP ‘Ocean of Stars’ is due February 24th.

The Sligo artist is a funeral director and an embalmer by day and a musician by night continuing a multi-generational family involvement with traditional Irish music.

“I’ve always been involved in funerals, working full time in it, it has completely changed my outlook on life. I see sadness every day and people going through the most horrible time. There are tragic funerals and you have to stay strong, and hold it together. When the funerals over and I go home that night I erupt. I gravitate towards my harp and write my music, which I find is a huge relief and escape.”

Speaking about the song, Brídín says “Floating is my latest single release from my forthcoming EP Ocean of Stars. I came up with this song when I was enjoying the beach in Spain one summer. It’s about how you should stop racing around every once in a while, and take a moment for yourself.