Irish producer Ian Ring returns with his second single Game under the moniker of Boku.  The Corkonian has leant his talents to projects by the likes of Talos, Daithí and Young Wonder in the past, but decided it was time to step into the limelight with his own compositions.

Over the years of producing and writing music for different artists I always found myself moulding my creative mindset to suit the artist and musical realm/genre that they live in. Boku means “l” and it is music that is personal to me. In essence, I want to create music people can dance too when I DJ but also something that can musically sit on its own outside the world of DJ sets and clubs. The music falls under the electronic umbrella I guess, but I hope my music never really fits into one specific type of genre too comfortably,” explains Ring, on his decision to take the lead role.

Following the release of Rise earlier this year, Boku returns with Game, a track which slowly builds from a retro, ambient haze into an old school rave track, complete with philosophical voice-over.

“‘Game’ has a lot of different moments that took me time to carve out and mould together correctly. It started by building a euphoric rave melody with different atmospheres behind it, I wanted it to start somewhere very simple and humble but then build into a place of tension and chaos. I played with a lot of synthesis on this one, it was about developing the sounds as the song progressed.”

WARNING: video contains flashing imagery which may potentially trigger seizures.