Irish rock trio Bitch Falcon are back with a thrilling new single ‘Gaslight’ which sees them taking a significant steps forward in the development of their sound. Barry O’Sullivan (Bass), Nigel Kenny (Drums) and Lizzie Fitzpatrick (Guitar/Vox) have conjured up a track which is musically reminiscent of Korn, combined with elements of darkwave and shoegaze, while vocally, Fitzpatrick’s lilt echoes early Bjork.

The trio worked with sonic wizard Rian Trench – who can also be found contributing to Fitzpatrick’s side project Coolgirl – to achieve the required balance between the disparate elements of the track.

Bitch Falcon – The Workman’s Club – 5th Jan 2020 – ©Glen Bollard

“Gaslight is a song that came together quite fast. Barry started playing his riff and I played along messing rhythmically, just making noise. It sounded so weird and intense so quickly. I remember us all looking at each other and saying this is the one. I think this song was a change in our writing together. We knew we wanted a heavy sound with melodic intricacies,” explains Lizzie Fitzpatrick.

“I recorded the vocal layering at home, building up chords with my voice. When we recorded it in the studio, I wasn’t able to sustain my voice for the whole section, Rían (Trench), and I decided to record it in a wave, one-note resting while the other picks up, so it sounds like a living, breathing thing.

I wanted to describe the feeling of what you see is not necessarily what you get. The holy grail of public display, and worth to others. Expressing yourself puts you in a vulnerable position, and I think a lot of people embellish the truth. In that way, an unachievable status is shoved down our throats, and we play into the game every day.”

Bitch Falcon’s debut album has been a long time coming, but in Trench, they seem to have found the perfect partner to help them achieve their vision for the band. Check out ‘Gaslight’ below.