Fresh from a successful appearance at Forbidden Fruit, Cork’s Biig Piig is back with brand new single, ‘FUN’, which received its first play as BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record in The World. ‘Fun’ is Biig Piig’s first solo releases sine 2021’s ‘The Sky Is Bleeding EP which featured ‘Lavender’ and ‘American Beauty’,

In the interim Biig Piig has been collaborating with the likes of Metronomy, Emotional Oranges and Lava La Rue and touring with Glass Animals. Biig Piig has never shied away from taking chances throughout her career and ‘FUN’ is a visceral addition to her eclectic catalogue which has amass over 200 million streams to date.

Biig Piig states ‘Fun’ is “about bickering with a partner, and being sick of it. ‘FUN’ is also about how you can bring out a childish part of each other when no one else really gets that part of you, the good and the bad. No one gets under your skin or pushes your buttons like the ones you love the most.”

Hopefully, ‘Fun’ is the first step towards finally seeing the release of the debut album from Ireland’s most under appreciated artist.