Dublin instrumental duo Bicurious have shared a 22-minute live performance video featuring 4 songs titled ‘B-Sides and Bangers’. The stream features two previously unreleased songs and two of their most successful songs to date.

While the COVID pandemic has been seriously affecting musicians around the world, Bicurious have been working hard behind the scenes on their biggest release to date. In anticipation of that  release the band decided to give their fans an early Christmas present in the form of a pre-recorded live performance from a studio in the Irish countryside. Shot and edited by Conor Dockery of Dock Visual and recorded by Recorded by Ciaran Thurlow and Graham Sharpe.

“It’s been a really weird time for everyone, waiting for gigs and other normal band things to start happening again. Live performances are such a huge part of our sound, so we thought we would make this live session to make our fans and friends feel something somewhat close to a being at a gig!” says guitarist Taran.

“We’ve got really exciting things coming real soon, it’s going to be an intense next few months for us.”


1- Shoelace

2- I’m a Hypocrite

3- I Don’t Do Drugs, I Just Sweat a Lot

4- Sleep