Bell X1 at The National Concert Hall 2013Those lovely gentlemen in Bell X1 are back and have a new album in their clutches, just waiting to share with the world.

As part of ESB Live 2013, Bell X1 will be premiering their new album ‘Chop Chop’ on Saturday 29th June in The National Concert Hall. The new album has been produced by Peter Katis and Thomas Barlett and hopefully will be a huge success for the band once again.

Tickets for the show are €35 and €25 if you want to save a tenner and watch it from the Choir Balcony and enjoy the back of Noonans head. Tickets are available from the National Concert Hall Box Office from 10am on Friday 22nd February and online at

Chop Chop will be available in stores on 28th June.

Gary Sheehan, Head of Programme Planning at the National Concert Hall said “We are delighted to welcome Bell X1 to The National Concert Hall for this exceptional event. Consistently one of Ireland’s finest bands, this new album is a hugely ambitious departure that we are proud to take part in premiering”.

Bell X1 lead singer Paul Noonan said “Last summer the three of us got together in Dave’s studio and demoed 15 songs. We returned to simpler times, when all around here was fields – piano and guitar, bass & drums… less computers and noises from boxes. Shrink the palette! We’ve loved some of the records that Peter Katis has made in the last few years, and the cut of Thomas Bartlett playing with The Gloaming, so when the stars aligned for two weeks in January we made a record together – Chop Chop. We’re excited about playing at the National Concert Hall for the first time, especially as the record features a lot of brass moments, and we look forward to having them played by real live humans!

Bell X1 – Starlings Over Brighton Pier