Following on from his soulful 2020 single You, Balfast singer Owen Lamont is back with politically charged new single ‘I – Revolution’ which tackles the Arab Spring and the revolutionary state of geopolitics in general.

Lamont’s signature booming voice excels in the ’80s inspired musical palette which takes its cues from the likes of Don Henley, Steve Winwood, and Paul Young.

“Originally, the music video was set to be an experimental animation. The design style was born out of an afternoon’s exploration with a scratchy brush and acrylic paint used to make abstract marks on paper. The actual song I-revolution is a mix of ideas. It’s essentially about hopes, beliefs, and action against tyranny. It touches primarily on the Arab Spring, Mohamed Bouazizi, the Cradle of Civilisation, while referencing Yeat’s poem The Second Coming ‘What rough beast awakes tonight’.