aic-logoThe Irish Canon is a new concert series which will bring some of Ireland’s top performance with specially selected programmes of Irish works into venues and universities across the country.

This series is seeking to create a new canon of Irish works and ensure that multiple performances of music by Irish composers are happening around Ireland. Each programme is chosen by the performer as the best representation of the current Irish repertoire for their instruments.

Performers in the series include Paul Roe (clarinets), David Bremner (organ), Cora Venus Lunny (violin), Kate Ellis (cello), William Dowdall (flutes), Isabelle O’Connell (piano), Michelle O’Rourke (voice) and a duo of David Bremner and Elizabeth Hilliard (piano and voice).

The Irish Canon Season 1

14 Nov Bill Dowdall, 2.30pm, Dundalk IT
20 Nov LAUNCH, 6pm, Contemporary Music Centre
20 Nov David Bremner, 8pm, Christ Church,
3 Dec Michelle O’Rourke, 8pm, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall
22 Jan David Bremner, 7pm, TCD Music Composition Centre
29 Jan Cora Venus Lunny, 6.30pm, TCD Music Composition Centre
6 Feb Cora Venus Lunny, 1pm, NUI Maynooth
12 Feb Kate Ellis, 6.30pm, TCD Music Composition Centre
12 Mar Bill Dowdall, 6.30pm, TCD Music Composition Centre
8 Apr Paul Roe, Mary Immaculate College