Fresh from a busy touring schedule opening for the likes of Matilda Mann and Claud in support of her third EP ‘When It Come To You’, London based Kildare artist April is back with brand new single ‘That Feeling’. Having previously worked with Spector’s Fred Macpherson and Kojaque, ‘That Feeling’, sees April working with hotly tipped producer RISC (Cat Burns, dexter, Sophia Alexa).

“That Feeling’ is about being independent. A lot of my coming songs are roughly based around this feeling – it wasn’t on purpose, but I suppose it was how I was feeling. ‘That Feeling’ was written post-relationship, about when after a long time of relying on somebody for happiness and reassurance in yourself, you find a new confidence in yourself. It’s about when you realise that you can feel those things on your own – through different experiences, like moving away, meeting new people, going to new places etc. It’s a very special song to me and I remember making it and feeling a weight lift off my shoulders, like I’d found a new sound and could have fun with it.”