Thumper frontman, Oisin Furlong, has shared a video for his debut solo single ‘Goodbye & Goodluck’, which he released earlier this year under the moniker Anamoe Drive.

“Goodbye & Goodluck was originally intended to be the first in a series of phone recordings that I would release. It was eventually teased out of itself by producer Brendan McGlynn, shedding its throwaway aesthetic, and ending up with a much more realised sound than I had initially intended,” explains Furlong of the track which was released in early 2020 while he was opening for Elizabeth Moen on a West Coast tour of the US.

Anamoe Drive allows Furlong to explore the less bombastic side of his creativity in a purposeful fashion. “I decided then that Anamoe Drive would be a reaction to this dynamic; Intimate songwriting, coupled with full arrangements.”

Furlong enlisted the help of director Julie Webber to bring the song Goodbye & Goodluck to life on film.

“When I first listened to Goodbye & Goodluck, I played it on repeat for a day. Oisín had perfectly summarised a personal situation with every verse and it felt right to respond to that feeling. I then saw a larger narrative within it having been on both sides, it’s not an uncommon story – the manifestation and progression into something stoical,” explains Webber

“I thought about both the growth and deterioration of a dynamic in a bed setting – the staging, stories, performance and emotions attached to an object. The video itself was a short half-day project based on a queer relationship I was involved in at the time but I was looking at it in a wider context – the powerful push and pull between people. I had built the ‘deconstructed’ bed in my studio in the RHA earlier this year and we experimented falling between moments of intimacy, detachment, togetherness and loneliness.”

Watch the video for ‘Goodbye & Goodluck’ below. Furlong has a busy 18 months planned with new music from Anamoe Drive on the horizon, as well as a Topher Grace remix EP from Thumper and plans for the release of their long awaited debut album. For more on Anamoe Drive and Thumper read our recent interview with Oisin Furlong here.