919435_562456760441393_1264425078_oReleasing the first EP can sometimes be a daunting task for any newly established band. Folk rockers Urban Legends took the plunge with their debut offering ‘The Horror, The Horror’, which was released in April 2013.

The first track on the record is the haunting tune The Babysitter and The Man Upstairs. The song starts off with a very captivating guitar riff that instantly endears the listener to the song and gives serious promise to the rest of the track. This promise is soon interrupted by the introduction of some shaky and pitchy vocals that pop the opening second’s bubble that brought a ray of hope for the song with it. This paired with some less than impressive lyrics; make the song a disappointing opening to the band’s first release. However, the song is somewhat saved from complete disrepair by some very appealing harmonies that give the track a well needed injection of energy.

The most promising track on the album is Big Clown Shoes. The extremely mesmerising melody and beguiling guitars create an air enthusiasm that gives the record a whole new lease of life. Splashy cymbals add a sense of fun to what is an undoubtedly buoyant tune, which makes the song even more compelling due to the chilling and dark lyrics.

The title track of the EP The Horror, The Horror features yet more menacing lyrics, that completely justifies the title, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The echoing vocals are chilling and keep with the theme of the release. Accompanied again with gloomy sounding guitars. However, some effortless lyrics and unimpressive musicianship make the track fall short of being a real stomper.

Without a doubt this is a concept EP, and tells a story throughout all the while painting a visual image for the listener. Urban Legends definitely have a unique sound, but haven’t managed to avoid all the tracks featured sounding extremely similar. The lyrics are descriptive but are not the most innovative you will ever hear, and this release won’t give the band much help in competing with their peers.

Urban Legends are not the most original band you will ever have the pleasure of hearing and I can’t see them making major waves in the music scene anytime soon.