theholy‘The Plots Of The Patriarchs’ is the four-track EP by The Holy Sparks!!! and was released by Drunken Lust records. The Dublin band have an unusual sound, combining a wide range of instruments, effects and influences.

Opening track, Plots Of The Patriarchs, starts off slowly with lots of effects, before the drums and bass enter with a delicately plucked banjo in the background. The vocals are deep and low, and draw you into to the depths of the song. The drums erupt during the chorus, and eventually the song changes; the tempo increases, and a distorted guitar enters. The rest of the songs on the EP are variants on this basic format, with instrumental choruses, long outros, and the pounding drums driving the song. However the exciting riffs that feature prominently ensure that every song presents something different.

Different moods are also explored throughout, There Is No Code… is an upbeat, fun track, while Further Down The Uroborus is much darker. The vocals are layered with effects, and the strangled shouts and mean basslines capture the mood perfectly. The band are marvellous at creating moody atmospheres, but it is during the long instrumental sections that they really showcase their talents. Ming! fades out softly with faint synths and basslines, the guitar is distorted and powerful. The synths are excellent again in There Is No Code… and the bass in this track is given a more important role. The drums are spectacular throughout the EP, driving the whole thing forward while giving the songs a rigid structure.

‘Plots Of The Patriarchs’ is a well-rounded EP with four songs of a very high standard. The production is a bit rough round the edges, but that almost seems to add to the charm. The Holy Sparks!!! have a very distinctive and unique sound, and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

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