The name alone of this band sets out a certain amount for the listener at the beginning. That double A, how daring! But alongside this daring there is, inherent in their music and singing style, a lot of attitude which recalls both the heyday of Valley punk and the more artistic ethos of noise rock. It sounds like a match made in heaven, but unfortunately it becomes a problem.

The source of the problem lies in the fact that their recently release EP, ‘Go Bricker,’ is only three songs in length. In the middle of these three songs sits one track that despite being one-third of a whole – a pretty significant amount if you remember your primary school maths – comes out sounding completely at odds with the rest of the EP.

Granted that a lot of the first track, Go Bricker, has hallmarks of noise rock in that the distortion is loud and the vocals can sometimes be quite slack, but more obvious to the listener than these flourishes is the menacing tone in which the lyrics are sung, and the dynamic aggression of the lead guitar.

So Solid Snake, the final track, is quite the same. There is an overt kind of atmosphere, which is daring and troubled, angry and quite forthright, as exhibited in crunchy riffs and squealing vocals.

So then, back to the pig in the mud. Tea, the middle track, starts out in stark contrast to anything on either side. It feels like the soft centre as the rhythm of the song is actually quite melodic and pretty conformable to rock music standard.

At some points you can hear the guitars pushing and grinding away, as if trying to move through an immovable object. It gets very vibratory and resonant and, what started out as the possibility of a band that had run out of ideas after two songs, eventually comes back into noisy surroundings. But it all seems quite arbitrary, without a point and without any positive allure.

Going on the basis of Go Bricker and So Solid Snake, That Snaake could be a band unheard of, channeling an unfashionable ethos in an aggressive way. That’s exciting in itself and certainly worth a listen.