Tangled - Lost And Found

Singer songwriters are ten a penny and more often than not tend to present the same type of low key playing on their acoustic guitar coupled with earnest, morose lyrics. How do you think one named after a Disney film would sound? Perhaps jolly singing about drinking tea in the jungle? Not quite but it’s a relief to find that Tangled (AKA Donegal native Laura Bonner) combines pop sensibilities to the traditional folk singer songwriter expectations.

While not having the most technically accomplished singing voice, Tangled makes up for it in charm. It seeps through and lends the songs a warmth and character so often lacking in this type of music. It has a tone reminiscent of Nelly Furtado and is most prominent on Medicate Me where there is a minimalism on show and it suits the song down to the ground. Lyrically it’s at odds with its musically upbeat tone, with lyrics “I feel like I am on death’s door” and later on “this heavy burden is dragging me down”. It shouldn’t sound catchy yet it succeeds in doing so.

The ‘Lost And Found’ EP consists of three tracks and opener Unattainable is the most conventional. The acoustic guitar is quite basic, without any real distinctive polish. There is additional electric guitar during the chorus and double tracking of vocals which lends the subtle changes required to maintain the listener’s interest. It reminds of how Elaine Mai brought such simple components together for her ‘Dots’ EP. Final track Demon Within doesn’t deviate from the previous two songs in tone but does add some piano towards the end of the song.

Musically, there is nothing terribly original about these songs and if you are looking for something that breaks boundaries or sounds more musically profound, you won’t find it here. While these songs are lightweight and won’t change the world, they are the first steps of a talent blossoming in its early stages.