Super7aiyan - East City Vixen E.P | ReviewBoth band name and EP title are as misleading and as confusing as each other, giving the impression of a band comprised of 1337 gamers who somehow wandered into music. Thankfully Super7saiyan are relying on enticing potential fans using a short tapestry of math-rock, rather than a nostalgic throwback to 90’s Japanese cult shows. The EP contains just two tracks, which is quite a gamble for such a fledgling band, but one which shows they are fighting to show their best material

The first and shortest of the two tracks Vixen begins with soft delicate strings before adding bass and drums which mimic the light riffs of the track. The bass is warm, and the drums are kept compressed so as not to drown out the clean crisp sound of the guitars talking back to one another. The track is comprised of pleasant riffs which, as stand-alone pieces are quite impressive. However the complete track lacks any real bursts of satisfaction. It becomes the musical equivalent of a daydream, pleasing, fleeting but soon forgotten.

On the other hand East City is a track which promises as much oddity and interest from the band as their name suggests. The song wears more layers than a cold pensioner as it jumps from the placid and tame, to the downright heavy. Piano interludes which could have been lost amidst the catchy riffs and motifs of the song are excellently done, building the track to an almost Avalanches-esque crescendo. Unlike Vixen, the only reason a riff may be forgotten in this six-minute lesson in how to keep an instrumental satisfying is because it is quickly usurped by another, even more interesting riff.

Although only two tracks appear on this EP, it gives a pretty palatable taste of this bands potential. The band’s craft and precision on both tracks is pretty indisputable, but it’s the sheer complexity of the textures which appear on East City which promise a future for the band. It seems as if the best way for Super7aiyan to avoid obscurity is to pump their music full of it.