Formed in January this year, KNOTS or Knights Now On The Stage to use their full title, have been incredibly busy in the past ten months. Almost constantly gigging since their inception ? including a slot at Cork’s Indiependence Festival ? they somehow have managed to find the time to get into the studio to write and record their debut EP, the self-titled ‘Kings Now On The Stage’.

Opener Feel The Change kicks off with singer Botham’s velvet voice captivating the listening. There is a feeling he could sing a phone book and somehow still enthral the listener. As a whole the song has an epic stadium feel to it, yet somehow the powering drums and bass manage to not overshadow the exquisite vocals; rather allowing them to blossom.

The intro to Falling would almost have you think you were about to listen to a disco track before heading back to a pop rock sound. This song is all about the guitar and effects: reminiscent of slightly less polished early Muse before they were tainted by dub-step. Piano-led Shy, for some reason, just screams film soundtrack to me. It is so easy to imagine the powerful vocals and pounding beat playing as the credits roll to an Armageddon or X-Men style film. Building up to an epic finish, KNOTS are clearly aiming for a far more ambitious sound than other current Irish bands.

Waiting Still again is clearly going after an ambitious stadium rock sound. With its’ insanely catchy chorus, it is the stand out track on the EP. After just one listen it just lingers in your head, and not an annoying way. Gentle acoustic guitar introduces the listener to final track, Home: a more laid back track than the rest of the EP, with an almost Americana feel to it. Lovely gentle backing harmonies suit the track perfectly adding an extra layer. Although incredibly stripped back in comparison to previous songs, vocals still give this track an epic sound.

With ‘Kings Now On The Stage’, KNOTS have produced an incredibly polished product, particularly for a first release. The best thing about listening to the EP was the realisation that there is not a single Irish band out there that they can be compared to, their sound is unique in the Irish music scene. Their freshness will be KNOTS greatest asset. A definite one to watch.