Here’s an unusual piece for you to enjoy. Two compilations, an original and a remix called Electrospective. We could have reviewed them separately but why make you click around. So here is the Electrospective reviews from both sides of the fence.



This won’t be for everybody, but if you have any sort of interest in electronic music, you’re going to need this album in your life. (If you just want a cool party soundtrack, skip this part to the original compilation review below!)

ElectroSpective – The Remix Album, is a DJ/electro fan/producer/music geek’s dream compilation album. A collection of rare 12” versions and remixes of some electronica and house classics, expect to hear some of them surfacing in your favorite dance/indie club soon as any DJ with any taste level at all hears it, they will be all over this. Some truly special treats include:

  • 12” version of Heaven 17 – Penthouse and Pavement
  • Grace Jones I’m Not Perfect – Larry Levan Remix
  • Inner City – Good Life – Derrick May Remix
  • Daft Punk – Around The World – MAW’s Kenlou Remix.

Yeah, Yeah, we know…. You have them all on vinyl already… but do you have them all on one perfectly sequenced CD to blast out of your car/house party? Natch. OK so is all this too nerdy? Try the first in the series on for size!***


‘Electrospective – Electronic Music Since 1958’ is a thoroughly entertaining journey through the history of electronica. It starts with BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s Dr Who Theme and finishes with Swedish House Mafia’s one.

Inbetween, we journey through history while resisting a sudden urge to glitter up our faces and sway side to side holding an imaginary synth. The first disc covers up to the mid 80s. Highlights include…

  • Roxy Music – Virginia Plain
  • The Human League – Things That Dreams Are Made Of
  • Georgio Moroder & Philip Oakey – Together in Electric Dreams
  • Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls.

Disc two charts the growth of modern dance music, starting with Inner City – Big Fun, working through tracks from Depeche Mode, Moby, Daft Punk and Air for a fantastic party soundtrack as well as an interestingly segued history lesson. Running like a DJ set, Radiohead’s Everything in its right place into The Chemical Brother’s Star Guitar is a particularly nice moment. There’s some Deadmau5 and Guetta in there too, to finish your living room rave off nicely.

These two albums flip the coin and cater across a broad set of interests that definitely should find a piqued interest in those with a penchant for 80s goodness and those who love their top drawer remixes. A cracking set of albums, even if only one of them is up your alley.