The Rattling KindThe Rattling Kind is a band on the up. Hailing from North Dublin and offering a rather unique sound, meshing traditional Irish music with modern folk-rock, they released their EP ‘Rise Up’ at the beginning of August. The five track EP lives up to the task of showcasing the band’s talent as their modern take on classic Irish music manages to enthral from beginning to end.

‘Rise Up’ opens with the title track. It is rather mute, in the vein of fellow Northsider and trad revivalist Damien Dempsey but with a softer accent. This track will resonate with Ireland’s 20-somethings as it leans in on the jarring subject of forced emigration among the country’s educated youth. It is a post-Celtic Tiger anthem which highlights the true devastation someone faces when they unwillingly leave: “We can hear the tiger no more”. The state of our country is an often talked about topic throughout this EP.

Later we hear All Around The Town which references the decay of society at the grubby hands of gun wielders and drug dealers. It is tear-inducing stuff for anyone who bares anger and fear for the way the country is going in terms of violence and drug crime in our “urban jungles”. Both tracks possess fine musicianship with modern elements of well placed electric guitar peeping out from behind the sound of masterfully played banjo.

The focus is not all on the doom and gloom of our faltering nation. No Time to Say Goodbye is a beautiful track in which the softer side of the band is displayed particularly through the slowed pace of the instruments and Eddie Sherlock’s tense but dazzling vocals. The band also veer almost entirely away from the traditional route with Follow The Moon  which has an air of The Coral about it, particularly in the pitch of the vocals and twang of the guitar.

The Rattling Kind is a different kind of band that stands out among a rake of counterparts that are painfully similar. Their social awareness combined with technically brilliant musicianship makes for an incredible EP.