meltybrainsA lot of artists take themselves too seriously. It’s understandable really. Releasing consecutive hits songs and playing concerts in front of thousands of adoring fans every night would surely contribute to the size of your ego. But these feelings of grandeur can go too far, and before you know it our favourite artists are demanding blue M&Ms in brandy glasses and interrupting speeches at the MTV Awards.

However, it can’t all be fun and games either. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have to go into making music, and the more seriously you take it, the better it’s going to sound. Or at least that’s what you would think.

Five-piece group Meltybrains? use a different tactic altogether. Considering the band proclaim they like ‘Singing to wild animals, capturing them and teaching them how to play synths’, it would be safe to assume that seriousness isn’t an issue. But does this lack of solemnity hinder their ability to make undeniably awesome music? No, it does not.

The band’s EP ‘Attention! Now That We Have Your Attention’ portrays the work of a group who have no problems with trying something new. It seems their fun-loving attitude has allowed them to really experiment with their sound. Meltybrains? take influence from many sources, and use mixes of electronic and acoustic instrumentation to create pieces of exhilarating, fun music.

Opening track Intros Are So Original eases the listener gently into the EP, with its unassuming synth loop. However, it grows and grows, until the sheer wall of sound that is blasting out of the speakers blows the listener across the room. When it finally hits a lull, fading to the sound of a solitary violin, you only have a short time to catch your breath, before the sound surges again, becoming even bigger and reaching unimaginably epic proportions.

Block Rockin is like a demonstration of audio time travel. Its verses are heavily organ based, giving the track an initial vintage feel. But suddenly the song’s nostalgic sound is turned on its head, as the verse blends perfectly into a futuristic sounding chorus, fully equipped with deep, booming drums and a Daft Punk-esque vocoder.

Final track soupORsynth maintains the futuristic theme, coming in immediately with an aggressive synth riff. The vocoder is again present throughout this track, but with lines like “We are Meltybrains?” and “Listen to me speak into this microphone”, it’s obvious that the lyrics have little in the way of depth. Also, at over eight minutes, this track can be a tedious listen, despite how good it may be.

With this EP, Meltybrains? have scored a hat trick when it comes to making a great compilation of songs. Here’s hoping that their success continues to grow, but here’s also hoping that success doesn’t make them take themselves too seriously so they can continue doing what they do best.