Lazyrevs, a duo hailing from Greystones, Co. Wicklow, have delivered their three track self-titled EP, ‘Lazyrevs’. Comprised of Tom and Nadine, the pair create a unique mix of reggae and folk rock that at the very least, is worth a listen.

Opening track Down Where The River Flows is an upbeat, toe-tappingly contagious song featuring strong female vocals and a hook-laden chorus that’s very easy on the ears. It’s a ready made single, and has that perfectly folk rocky sound about it. But what really stands out on this track, and on the EP in general, is how well the male/female vocals go together. It’s always admirable to see a band pull this off so naturally, with neither ever sounding like they’re trying to steal the spotlight.

Plan B – Peace Sign is a more downbeat track with a definite reggae pop feel. While it is an enjoyable track, it feels like it could do with a some sort of reggae bassline underneath it to add depth, as parts of the song seem to just meld into each other and it drags on a little bit.

Closing track The Tom Song is a more delicate ballad that brings softer Imelda May tracks to mind. The female vocal provided by Nadine again steal the show, even though the acoustic guitar accompanying her is intricately beautiful. The vocal itself borders on haunting at times, and it certainly has some moments where the hair will stand up on the back of your neck.

The three tracks are immensely different, and this in itself is both a blessing and a curse for Lazyrevs. They showcase three songs that vary greatly and are all good in their own right, but at the same time, really don’t seem like they fit together on the same EP. From folk rock to reggae to a ballad, it’s hard to see the direction this EP was supposed to take.

That said, there are more than enough high points to make up for the pedantics, and if nothing else, Down Where The River Flows is an excellently written single-worthy song. Despite the issues, Lazyrevs are certainly on to something here.