It’s fair to say Kashkao are not your stereotypical pop act. Consisting of two thirty something session musicians they are probably about as far removed from modern day pop music as humanly possible. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as modern pop music is for the most part absolutely rubbish. Kashkao, on the other hand, offer up something more substantial than the usual fodder. Their debut EP, “No.1 “, certainly shows there can be more to pop music than your run of the mill auto-tuned nonsense.

Consisting of four original compositions, this EP really benefits from the duo’s studio experience with the musicianship and production of the highest quality. The opening two numbers, Curvy Lady and Dance with You, both bring to mind early Red Hot Chilli Peppers, albeit a much poppier version.

The latter of the two is particularly funky with the duo using their wah pedals to good effect. The Way She Moves and All I Wanna Do make up the other two songs on this EP. The former is the pick of the bunch; a soulful pop song that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Maroon 5 album, which in this context is a good thing. All I Wanna Do is more of the same; another breezy carefree pop song with a funky undertone that’s very easy on the ear.

If you’ve come in search of cutting edge, so cool it hurts music, then Kashkao are probably not for you. If you don’t mind your music coming with a sugar coated tinge with the odd cheesy lyric thrown in then this is more on your lines. It’s pop music, plain and simple, pop music that deserves more  recognition than it’s likely to get.