JETSETRADIO.What is pop music anymore? Is it some bastardised version of what record companies deem marketable and what radio stations deem air friendly? Or, is it the barometer of popular human creativity? JETSETRADIO. have seemingly got a foot in both camps.

Their debut EP ‘Rare Candy’ ticks all the boxes. It’s short, snappy, smart, sexy and very radio friendly without being annoying or repetitive. More importantly, as a band, they’ve got an intense beat and dense pulsating bass lines that can’t but incite much involuntary foot tapping.

Shadows is a modern dance/pop effort with boy/girl vocals, intelligent lyrics, a belting synth sound and a fine echoed guitar riff that wouldn’t be out-of-place on an indie rock track, before it morphs into a blatant all-out pop gem.

Taking the tempo down a notch, but retaining the pop sentiment is Animal, a seductive number with surging synthesisers at the forefront and a chorus as catchy as you’ll find – while not so annoying that it’s out staying its welcome by going around in your head all day long.

Decide is another fine example of very well constructed dance/pop, while Learn To Love is the ace in the pack, a song that deserves some airplay, if not for the brilliant refrain then for the prominent slap bass.

This EP won’t be troubling those with more innovative and cultured tastes in music but you’ll happily listen to it as you peruse you way around a clothes shop or queue for the bar in a club. JETSETRADIO. almost make glitzy, polished electro-dance cool and provide an excellent Irish alternative to the mass imported mainstream pop we are subjected to on a daily basis. If they can produce a whole album of tracks as good as this, then they may soon be acquainted with the mainstream themselves.