If you haven’t heard I Draw Slow, look forward to a level of sincerity that may be lacking in bands that pride themselves on innovation. Be under no illusion, there is a strict style to the band’s old time musicality that can be cumbersome, especially to the modern, flittering ear.

However, in an age where albums are losing prevalence, ‘Turn Your Face To The Sun’ will capture your attention if given the opportunity. Take a moment to sit and be still and listen as the aptly named group draw you slowly back to yourself.

The Holden siblings’ signature vocal style jumps between harmonies and unison and exploits the best of their respective ranges. Songs like Alveregna showcase Louise’s lilt and the flexibility of the instrumentation which share rhythmical duties in the absence of a strictly percussive section.

The humility of the arrangement on Same Old Dress Will Do is beautifully married with the naturalist celebration of a humble love. It ‘’takes the old world and makes it brand new’’.

Returning listeners to I Draw Slow will be kept interested with the subtle introduction of brass and percussion and the blossoming depth of insight that is drawn from their lyrical motifs. Spacious and emotive songs like Carolina are offset with vigorous performances of songs like Twin Sisters, carried by what sounds like the many hands of Adrian Hart on the fiddle.

Like a lot of I Draw Slow’s previous endeavours, the album was recorded live and as such, will bring the magic of their live show to your home. However, if you are intrigued by such an act, it is essential that the record be paired with a gig where the folklore unfolds in the intimate insights shared onstage through the stories and energy of one of Ireland’s most hardworking bands.