Greg CliffordDublin based multi-instrumentalist Greg Clifford, has been hard at it developing a solo sound on the back of the split of his previous band; Elavator. Having recorded in Pulse studios with producers Ian Flynn and Thomas McDonnell, the songs and themes are one of  an artist discovering new sounds. From the constants of the guitar and piano, the songs also include a variety of instruments from the melodica, the flute, cello, glockenspiel and even glass harmonics. Yes, you imagine correctly; circumnavigating your finger around a glasses’ edge to produce a note.

Album opener Colours In The Sky lends itself in a similar vein to the Beatles riff for Day Tripper. A light and friendly pop tune, Clifford also finds room to squeeze in a guitar played in reverse. A symphony of automobile sounds closes the song in a strange yet, original way.

Album highlight Changing Everyday is an accomplished track which has also been entered into the Red Bull Bedroom Jam for 2013.  Released by Clifford in January, it is a gentle song with a marvelous hint of hindsight in his voice: “I don’t know what I want from life, ‘cause I’m changing everyday.” It’s a well-written pop song that perhaps needs a more anthemic final chorus to really launch it into the hearts of every listener. However, the arrangement is quite impressive, and the woodwind and strings secure the song as if tying a neat little bow on top; a truly lovely song.

Nuages Sombre, while purely instrumental, establishes itself as one of the more interesting song on the album with a beautiful piano, woodwind and stringed intro. While on the topic of instrumentals, Clifford previously starred alongside rugby pundit Brent Pope in RTE’s show, ‘Instrumental.’ The singer learned the Clarinet, which unsurprisingly appears on the current album and performed in the National Concert Hall, complete with full orchestra backing.

The mixture of rock, blues, jazz and folk on this album clearly draws on the Dubliner’s influences of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Nick Cave and Rory Gallagher. Another genre rears its head with Revolver. It’s got that straight rock n roll feel but there’s a splash of salsa added to the mix and the addition of trumpets is absolutely on the mark. Ricky Martin eat your heart out.

The singer is currently writing and recording music scores for film, and hopes to achieve success there in the coming years. While still a one man band however, there seems a future in music nonetheless for Greg Clifford.