Fangclub first appeared on GoldenPlec’s radar earlier in the year when they dropped the single Bullethead and in the process became a Plec Pick for Vantastival. It wasn’t just GoldenPlec that were impressed and as the year progressed Fangclub gradually began to find new admirers largely due to  the uncompromising, hard driving tone of the aforementioned single.

It captured the wild unbridled nature of The Pixies complete with singer Stevin White’s unrestrained vocals. That in itself creates expectations for what to expect form the ‘Fangclub’ EP. However, what transpires is somewhat surprising but not unwelcome. The self-titled EP is a lot more polished than the rough in your face Bullethead.

Alkali is Weezer style power chord riffs teamed with surf rock melodies. It certainly does not break any new territory and there are a legion of Weezer imitators out there churning out watered down facsimiles, which belong in the indie landfill. But for once it’s great to hear a band getting it right and Alkali is a fine way to kick off the EP.

The bouncing Young Blood with it’s “na na na na” refrain is never going to win the Milli Vanilli award for originality but makes up for that in exuberance which carries you aloft. It’s a good time tune to pour beer over your mates, set fire to your underwear and throw the sofa out the window. The remaining song on the EP, Transparent, is the closest thing to Fangclub’s previous single Bullethead. Its scratchy guitar intro heralds a rhythm section driven song where Kevin Keane (bass) and Dara Coleman (drums) beat the shit out of their instruments. Its heavier tone is welcome compared to the more anthemic party tunes.

Despite some initial concerns about the ‘Fangclub’ EP being derivative, Fangclub win you over with their sheer enthusiasm and infectious melodies. They’re more than a one trick pony and the ‘Fangclub’ EP shows they are improving at a rate of knots. That initial ripple Fangclub have caused in the pond is set to become a tsunami.