“If you want something done, properly do it yourself” seems to be the method adopted by Disconcerting P for his sophomore effort, ‘Shakin.’ Clearly a labour of love, Padraig McCauley (the man behind Disconcerting P) wrote, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered all six songs on the album. This time and effort invested by McCauley has resulted in an enjoyable collection of well-crafted indie-pop ditties.

Setting acerbic lyrics against a cheery, chilled-out acoustic track, the upbeat Cool like You establishes the tone for the rest of the album.

With Hey Man, Disconcerting P moves to more jaded territory. Bemoaning his complete exasperation with a lost cause of a friend, he at one point sings “Did you stop to think about what you do?/ cause you fucked this up like I knew you would.” Hey Man easily boasts the catchiest chorus of the lot and is one of the highlights of the album.

The pace picks up in the bouncy Binki, Ain’t Workin’ and Mr Saturday. Describing a psychotic ex-girlfriend, Binki showcases McCauley’s wry sense of humour and his talent for storytelling, “I returned one day to get my things/ She had all my books thrown in a bin/ I said this kinda stuff is making me tired/She replied by setting the bin on fire.” Each song features a great, very sing-alongable hook.

The final track, I’m Never Wrong, departs from the feel of the other songs. Simple and dream-like, I’m Never Wrong offers a level of sincerity that completely contrasts with the gently mocking, ironic tone of the other tracks.

Clocking in at just 21 minutes, ‘Shakin’ is a compact collection of six solid, immensely enjoyable pop songs. However the short running time works in Disconcerting P’s favour; smartly wrapping up before the ironic, Belle and Sebastien-esque indie-pop shtick begins to wear thin.