The cinema screens are about to get clogged up with the annual splurge of superhero, summer blockbusters. We’ve more or less seen them all by now. Deadpool, done, Iron Man – another on the way, Likewise with Batman. Antman, meh. Default Man may sound as plausible a superhero name as any of the rest. But, Default Man isn’t some long lost Marvel or DC superhero; it is the moniker of Westmeath native Darragh J Glennon.

Glennon has released an album and some singles under his one name in the past, but the ‘Full Moon And Fire’ EP is his first EP as Default Man. Glennon has a technically accomplished vocal style that has all the hallmarks of primetime radio friendly. His singing tone is concise and perfectly clear. If you are the sort of person who likes to hear all of the lyrics and not have to figure out what exactly is being sung about then this will tick a box for you. It’s very polished, but the flipside is that it lacks an emotive quality that truly engages the listener.

Similarly the pristine music that surrounds the vocal is far too by the numbers for it stick in the mind. It’s easy to listen to and it’s inoffensive to the ears, but by the same token it lacks the staying power to make you return again and again.

A case in point is the half-hearted fadeout of Stories, it lacks conviction and you have to wonder if this was the appropriate ending for the song. which could have wrapped up sooner, in a snappier and more enjoyable fashion. The jerky rhythm of title track Full Moon And Fire hasn’t enough distinctive hooks and also feels like a missed opportunity.

The Lucky One is the best song on the Full Moon and Fire EP with a consistent tone throughout and a gradual build to a conclusion. However, that conclusion doesn’t provide the necessary pay-off and there is an overriding feeling that something more significant is missing.

If less emphasis was placed upon the polished production and a keener focus on tightening up the melodies and dynamics it would have given these songs more oomph. Glennon is a talented musician and singer, but ‘Full Moon And Fire’ doesn’t showcase those talents in their best light.