The trio is a tried and tested formula in the rock space and in reality it’s rock and roll in its simplest form. Unfortunately for Cork three piece Deep Sky Objects, the simplistic nature of their sound is what holds them back. On their new EP ‘We’re Done Falling’ there are signs of something more, but, all to often, their songs don’t progress beyond their simple foundations.

There is nothing wrong with having a solid base but it needs to be built upon. Deep Sky Objects are often just content with staying within a framework and fail to progress any further. Meteor Shower, for example, has a solid bass line but instead of it being a launching pad for the song it becomes the sole hook. It also doesn’t help that, when the band looks to soar after the chorus, the dry production on the track holds them back.

The bands biggest problem however, is crafting a distinctive sound on the EP. Beyond a very prototypical rock sound there is really nothing new that makes them stand out. A lot of the ideas on the album feel underdeveloped and with most songs having a very similar structure it only intensifies the problem. There are also a few ‘rock cliches’ that crop up on the EP that show how the band are just content in sticking to a formula.

During the final moments of Freeze the band look to build tension by playing a classic ascending chord sequence. However, because of the very straight rhythm and a lack of intensity, any real sense of tension quickly dissipates. It’s disappointing because at the times they show that they can break the mould but too often they just play it safe. Lyrically as well there is a general conservatism, as the words fail to elevate the music.

There is a glimmer of hope though which comes on the final track We’re Done Falling. It starts with an acoustic guitar and some forceful piano chords. It grabs you straight from the start and, unlike a lot of the other songs on the EP, it holds your attention. Their are shades of early U2 here, with a straight beat and a sweeping piano lead which beautifully compliments the vocal. This time as the song builds its meaningful and when it opens out there is room to grow as the refrain “We’re done falling” holds a much greater emotional weight.

Overall as an EP there is a real lack of dynamism. Instead of experimenting with their sound Deep Sky Objects stick to a rigid formula. Of course there is only so much you can show in five tracks but it’s better to showcase your range than to stay stuck inside your own box. Maybe they can broaden their sound on a full LP, but for now they leave a lot to be desired.