If any musician deserves to be described as unique and pioneering it is electronic producer Daithi.  Known for his distinctive sound and contemporary use of the violin. The Galway based power house released his new EP Tribes in February.

The first track on Tribes Mary Keane’s Introduction includes a very special guest, Daithi’s 90 year old Grandmother. It is a beautiful piece about her experience of love and romance in her youth.  A beautifully crafted song that brings two generations together. Not only are Mary’s words poignant and moving, but the accompanying track is engaging and memorable.

Love’s On Top is one of two tracks on the release to feature Sinead White and it is an instant hit. Sinead’s vocals are bright and bubbly and blend beautifully with Daithi’s instrumentation. At some points it walks the fine line between being catchy and being repetitive, but over all it is an exciting collaboration between two great talents. Their second venture April, stands out as the superior of the two. Sinead’s vocals seem less altered and more natural. The drum track is imaginative and catchy and once again the two musicians merge to create something wonderful. Both tracks are fun and lively and give the EP an extra edge and zest.

1995 has a distinctively trip-hop taste. The vocals are subtle and delicate and partners nicely with the rest of the track. Again, the drum track is exceptional and teases pleasantly throughout the entire song.

Rocamandour ends things on a lower note. It feels lacking in focus and direction, it never really establishes itself and you are left waiting for a pivotal part of the track to kick in, that never comes.

Overall, ‘Tribes’ is a great release. Daithi seems to have really discovered who he wants to be and ‘Tribes’ deserves a place on your summer playlist.