Con Vos Cocoon Bloom Working with two genres as diverse as folk and hip hop is tricky business. But on Cocoon Bloom, Con Vos‘ debut EP, it’s made look effortless

Con Vos is the brain child of Irish folk singer Sorcha Richardson and New Jersey rappers Fortunate Ones. The trio have managed to create a masterful EP which is an invigorating and fresh listen.

Both artists exist in their own right on the EP but succeed in complementing each other on each other. Richardson – Ireland’s answer to Jessie Ware – delivers soft, sweet vocals that hit the mark, without getting lost among the delicate synth and harmonies. Fortunate Ones’ verses provide more force to songs such as Coyote without contrasting to starkly with Richardson’s lilt.

The EP’s first track Coast wouldn’t sound out of place on a Drake record. A smooth slow-burner, Richardson sings with an easy air, her delicate melodies leading into a rap section which gives the song a definite edge. The airy synthesiser throughout sounds raw and honest when married with the contrasting vocals.

Synthesisers feature throughout, most notably on Alaska, a beautifully fluid pop song with just a flavour of EDM. Here, Richardson’s relaxed tone and laughter make for glorious listening.

The most exciting thing about this EP is its purity of sound. The songs throughout the EP aren’t too polished, and just raw enough to hear the potential this side-project has to offer both in the future. The standard of the lyrics never quite the same level as the music or the vocals – but it comes close.

New York has had a big influence on Richardson’s work since relocating there, as seen here with Central Park; a romantic busy hum that encapsulates the essence of the famous park. The clash of Richardson’s Dublin twang with Fortunate Ones’ New Jersey drawl on Daymare is delightful.

‘Cocoon Bloom’ is a breath of fresh air for both genres. Sorcha Richardson and Co have managed to take the best of both worlds and create something very unique and carefree – without any added pretension.