2014 was a jam-packed year for Cold Comfort. An American tour and string of festival appearances were nicely topped off with the release of their debut album ‘Tainted Winds’.

Aces Falling starts off with a simple but alluring guitar riff. Frontman Rob Walsh’s vocals are strong and steady. The bridge features a change of tempo and melody that stirs the track into a beautifully composed piece of music.

The radio-friendly Be Gone is laced with a stunning rhythm section that will resound in your head long after you hear it, making it one of the strongest tracks on the album.

Meanwhile Tainted Winds immediately grabs the listener with its memorizing guitar parts. Walsh demands unadulterated attention with his powerhouse vocal delivery. It is rock n roll in its purist form.

Usually an album that is such a mix of tempos and genres can be lacking in focus, but somehow Cold Comfort have got it right. Every track does more than enough to justify its presence. The diverse mix of rock, indie and rhythm and blues make ‘Tainted Winds’ a must listen.

The main focal point of When The Love Grew Wild is the gorgeous lyrics. These are perfectly accompanied with more fantastically crafted acoustic guitars. Added instruments and sounds on You Came Through gives ‘Tainted Winds’ yet another lift. The song has a psychedelic feel throughout and it is yet another ready for radio musical treat.

The upbeat and fast moving Ratrace Blues is fuelled with indie aggression, and races along with a foot-stomping guitar melody.

With so much amazing music doing the rounds it is easy for any artist to get lost in the musical stew we are floating in, but Cold Comfort have made listeners stand up and take notice by confidently crafting their own unique sound.