BENIHANABased in Kildare, Benihana, comprising the duo Will Molloy and Billy Archbold, have unleashed the ‘Patterns’ EP, an ambient triumph of synth and substance which offers a lesson in how electronic music should be delivered.

This a beautifully crafted and otherworldly effort that skillfully evades mood and classification through the sheer depth and emotion that emanates from it. If one were to stick a label on it, electro-pop operating outside the perimeter of convention would go some way to providing a brief synopsis. These tracks are short, sharp snippets that do not linger long enough to become overblown or overproduced like so much electronic music out there. There is a rawness to them that is endearing -plenty of electronic artists get criticised for being bland.

Vanish, with its spoken word interlude and shimmering notes provides a laid-back opening pitch that lays down the very distinctive mood early on and Festivals is elusive, bursting with atmosphere but almost impossible pin down musically. It recalls nineties house and points a nod in the direction of some of the great instrumental acts coming out of the States right now.

Wolves, is slightly out of keeping with the record, but again, it’s short enough that they get away with it. Tell You is the longest track here at nearly five minutes and provides a fitting closer to a very satisfying EP that will please listeners of any persuasion. It would be interesting to hear what this duo could do with a vocalist as the tracks are screaming out for something more to be added, another layer of depth to complement what’s already there. If you are into Purity Ring or any ambient electronic based music then you really should be picking up this EP.